Blue Desert Interiors

about us

BDI is a full-service interior design firm with new construction and renovation experience in residential, commercial and healthcare sectors. We specialize in lighting and light systems, technology and smart home integration, window treatments, entertainment systems, kitchen & bath design, and furniture and materials selections. We place emphasis on green design principles that provide energy efficiency, cause less harm to the environment and to ensure that goods, services and materials are ethically sourced.

Blue Desert Interiors is dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives through thoughtful and detail-oriented design.

BDI provides unique design solutions and avoids formula design. Offering a wider array of services than the standard Interior Design firm, Blue Desert acts as a liaison between the client and inner workings of the design process. We value honesty and integrity as the necessary components of relationships with our vendors, clients and colleagues. We bring 17 years of professional design and contracting experience to the table while maintaining competitive rates for goods and services. Our continued success is demonstrated by clients returning with multiple homes and facilities.

Mark LaPalm, Principal Interior Designer

Founder of Blue Desert Interiors, Mark LaPalm has been a practicing interior designer for over 22 years. His modern classic livable style is his career trademark. The driving force to cementing Mark’s success in the interior design industry, though, has been his skill of listening to each client’s needs and ideas and bringing them to life in a refreshingly new perspective.  He is driven by a guiding philosophy of always improving the quality of people’s lives.  You will find Mark participating in local charity events, like IFDA’s “Tableau” that benefits Ryan House.  You may also find him at the Desert Z Association events for Nissan Z owners.  (You can take the man out of the Motor City, but you can’t take the Motor City out of the man!)

With his many years of experience as an interior decorator, some of his special talents that he has refined are inspired color palette creation, innovative light fixtures, audio/video technology & integration and custom window treatments.